About Us

We are Lucka and Lukáš Vozárik, a young family with two small children originally from Prague. The island of Rhodes has been a part of our lives since the beginning of our relationship.

In 2013, we visited Rhodes for the first time on a week-long vacation. We discovered the beauty of the island and realized that experiencing Rhodes solely through hotel resorts was impossible. We started exploring the island more and more, and we became captivated by its atmosphere. We kept returning to the island until one day we decided to make Rhodes a part of our lives for good. A stable home base was essential, so we acquired this wonderful home.

Our work occasionally takes us back to the Czech Republic, which is why we are happy to offer you the opportunity to experience this amazing place. We live here ourselves, spend a lot of time here, and put our whole hearts into this home. This is what sets us apart from other private accommodation offers on Rhodes. We believe you will enjoy your stay with us:)

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